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Is poodle a dog or cat?


Build A Green Dog House

With the ever increasing interest in going "green" we thought you might enjoy a video that talks about eco-friendly building materials and ideas.

Of course, it helps if you know what "green" is all about...

For the most part, going green is all about choosing materials that have less negative impact on the environment. And even when it comes to building something as simple as a dog house, there are things you can do that are definitely eco-friendly.

For example, rather than use standard plywood, why not build your dog house with composite lumber, which is made from sawdust and recycled plastics.

You can also substitute roof tiles that have been created with recycled tires. Not only are you helping the environment by doing so, you're also adding great insulation.

Companies like AnyWeather Roofing, who specialize in home improvement, can provide additional ideas that will be beneficial to your dog house if you come to an impasse in construction, including expertise with roofing, insulation, and insights into which materials are more eco-friendly than others.

These are just a few of the many things you can do when going green. And sometimes it only takes one or two changes to make a difference.

So before you start building Lassie's next dog house, take a look at the type of materials called for. Just maybe you can come up with something better, something safer, something green!


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